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Information, Restrictions, Permits, Fees,
 Shelter Rentals & Lake Wardens
SWJD Water District, Wellford SC

For Lake Lyman, Lake Cooley, Lake Apalachee Information including the Complete Lake Boating,
Skiing, Recreational Policies, and Procedures Manual CLICK HERE
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For More Information Contact:

SJWD Water District
307 Spartanburg Hwy.
Wellford, SC 29385
Tel: 864-439-4423
FAX: 864-949-3511
Electronic Mail: service@sjwd.com

The SJWD Water Districts primary function is to ensure the availability of an adequate water supply for our service area.  Recreation is a secondary function.  We are pleased that the lakes have proved to be a recreational asset for residents in Spartanburg County.

To protect the reservoirs as a source of drinking water, certain policies and procedures are intended to protect not only the reservoirs, but also the buffer zone owned by SJWD around the lake.  In addition, they are guidelines for providing safe recreation for all who use the lakes.

Your compliance with these policies and procedures is vital for the safeguarding of this essential water resource.  SJWD takes violations of the policies and procedures seriously.  Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Annual Boating Permit Fees

Boating and fishing are permitted on both Lyman Lake and Lake Cooley. SJWD maintains boat ramps and docks at each lake. Hours are from sunrise to sunset.  Neither Lyman Lake or Lake Cooley permits jet skis, but water skiing is allowed on Lyman Lake only. To use the SJWD lakes, you must obtain an annual permit and a copy of our boat and motor policies from one of our Wardens.  Below is a fee schedule:

Lakes & HP Spartanburg County Residents SC State Residents Out of State Residents
Lyman Lake Only
Above 15 HP



Lyman Lake & Lake Cooley
15 HP and Below Outboard



Lyman Lake & Lake Cooley
 30 HP and Below Pontoon




Note: Outboard not to exceed 90 HP and inboard not to exceed 135 HP or 3.0 Liter on Lyman Lake.

Permit Sale Hours

Lake Cooley Lyman Lake
 Wednesday 12:30pm - 3:30pm   Monday 8:00am - 11:00am
*Saturday 1:00pm - 4:00pm   Friday 1:00pm - 3:00pm
  *Saturday 8:00am - 11:00am

* Permits will be sold on Saturdays at Lyman Lake and Lake Cooley from April 1 - August 31 of each calendar year.

Shelter Rental Fees

SJWD Water District is pleased to offer many recreational opportunities at our Lyman Lake and Lake Cooley locations.  The lodge at Lyman Lake, and the shelters at Lake Cooley may be reserved by contacting us at 864-439-4423 or stopping by our administration office.  Please note that the rental fees are non-refundable. Click here to get a information form on the shelters.  Fees are listed below:

Lyman Lodge Half Day $100.00
Lyman Lodge All Day $200.00
Lake Cooley - Roy Freeman Pavilion $ 30.00
Lake Cooley Shelter $ 20.00


The South Carolina General Assembly passed Act 1105 creating the SJWD Water District, a special purpose district, in 1956.  The legislation established the Districts boundary and provided the authority to sell bonds.

Over the years the District has grown.  Today its service area covers approximately 128 square miles in Western Spartanburg County.  The service area stretches from Hwy. 417 in the South, to Hwy. 11 in the North, and from I-26 in the East, to the Greenville County line in the West.  As of January 2006, the District served approximately 20,000 accounts and a service area population of approximately 45,000 people.

The Middle Tyger River (Lyman Lake), and the North Tyger River (lakes Cooley and North Tyger Reservoir) are the sources of water for SJWD customers.  Water from these rivers is treated at the SJWD Filtration Plant on Groce Road in Lyman.


Administrative Office
   307 Spartanburg Hwy.
   Wellford, SC 29385
Office Hours
   Monday - Friday
   8:00am - 5:00pm
Postal Address
P.O. Box 607
   Lyman, SC 29365
Administrative Office Phone Number
   864-949-3511 Fax
Electronic Mail
After Hours Emergencies